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MEL Valorant Premiership 

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The MEL Valorant Premiership 1 showcased 10 Immortal+ teams. These teams were picked by placing top 3 in our qualifier tournaments. They competed in a 6 week round robin. This was a double round robin bracket, playing 3 Bo1's a weekend. Playing 1 game on Friday nights and 2 games on Saturday. 

The Top 8 teams in the round robin moved on to a double elimination playoff bracket, where the top two seeds were given a bye round and the bottom two seeds were moved into the losers bracket. That playoff bracket can be found here.

Season 1 of the MEL VP was won by Zer0 Latency.

What was offered in Event 1? 

  • All Teams were given 18 regular games to fight for a playoff spot

  • All individual/team statistics were tracked on MCT.GG for all MEL games

  • All games were highlighted and posted to every individual/team page

  • Season 1 offered weekly a weekly 3 stars

  • All top players that were labeled by MEL staff had their information and statistics sent to a multitude of T2 organization scouts

  • A Consistent Schedule allowed massive line of growth with high level competition week in and week out

If you want to compete in the qualifier tournaments for the MEL VP Event 2 please click here

MEL VP Round Robin Awards

MEL VP Round Robin MVP
ZL PogMaker

MEL VP Round Robin MVP Runner Up
TSG NotFresh

MEL VP Iron Man
Eq Jr Drills

MEL VP Iron Man Runner Up
OPG Ryan

Most Improved Team
Team Suits Gaming

Most Improved Team Runner Up
Zer0 Latency

Most Improved Player
Eq Ac Molu

Most Improved Player Runner Up
ZL PogMaker

Best Coach
ZL Remote

Best Coach Runner Up
TSG Ondrez

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