MEL Qualifier Division Week 1 Report

  1. Celestial Aim (1-1): Celestial Aim is a team captained by a player from Season 1, ZaddySnipes, that performed decently during their qualifiers. During their first series against Tone Gaming, Celestial Aim battled in a close series, ultimately falling in Game 3, 10-13. All three games were tight against a soaring Tone Gaming who had just come off of an extremely tight series against league-favorite Hyperspace Dark. Their second series was against Emergence, a weaker opponent, where they bounced back with a 2-0. Game 1 was close, ending 13-11, but they took care of business, closing out the series in a swift 13-4. It is still early on in the season, but Celestial Aim seems like they have a promising future if they can continue to build off of this start.

  2. Emergence (0-2): Emergence had one of the weaker starts to their opening week, going 0-2. Their first series went to three games against a rebuilding Omni Performance Gaming. All three games were relatively lop-sided, ending 7-13, 13-7, and 6-13. Emergence then met up with Celestial Aim in an 0-2 that was closer than meets the eye. Taking 11 rounds in the first game, Emergence has shown they can compete with the level of competition in the QD, but doesn’t quite have the level of play required to close out games consistently yet.

  3. Godalions (0-2): Godalions unfortunately secured the least amount of rounds in total during our opening super week, finishing 0-2 against Sky High Esports and Hidden Fang. They were dispatched by Sky High Esports in convincing fashion on Thursday. However, their second series was an interesting one. Godalions lost the first game in a 1-13 blowout, however they battled back strong in Game 2, forcing overtime, before falling 14-16. That last result may be the glimmer of hope for what this roster could potentially reach as the season progresses.

  4. Hidden Fang (1-1): Hidden Fang left a feeling of cautious optimism as they lost their first series, but won the second. Their first series was against Hyperspace Dark, losing both maps in respectable round scores, 9-13 and 6-13. The second series against Godalions went to the opposite spectrum, winning 2-0, but it wasn’t without its fair share of obstacles. Dismissing Godalions in the first game 13-1, it felt like they wanted to prove that the first series was only because of the strength of competition. However, the second win requiring triple overtime, leaves a concerning aftertaste on a convincing first map. Eyes will definitely be on them to see whether they are contenders or pretenders in the upcoming weeks.

  5. Hyperspace Dark (2-0): Hyperspace Dark entered the Qualifier Division as heavy favorites to win it all, however opening week proved they do still bleed. The first series against Hidden Fang seemed up to status quo for the top 100 ranked team. However, Tone Gaming gave them a tough battle in the second series. Hyperspace Dark won Map 1, 13-10. Tone Gaming responded with a 13-10 victory of their own. The series decider went to overtime with Hyperspace Dark taking the win 14-12. This series begs the question, “Was Hyperspace Dark slightly overhyped going into the season or did Tone Gaming rise to the occasion?”.

  6. Monolithic Gaming (2-0): Monolithic Gaming is our second undefeated team after Week 1, playing against both “Omni” teams. Going into the season, Monolithic Gaming was a team that we had very little information on aside from the few games they played during the qualifiers. Opening the season against another favorite, Omnipotent Gaming, they won in a three-game series to my surprise. However, with Omnipotent Gaming going 0-2 this week, perhaps this wasn’t an upset as predicted, but a faltering Omnipotent Gaming. Monolithic Gaming followed up their three-game series victory with another one against Omni Performance Gaming. They took convincing leads early in two of the games, but struggled to close out. Though they end the first week undefeated, it was not without its fair share of question marks.