MEL Qualifier Division Week 2 Report

  1. Celestial Aim (1-2): Celestial Aim loses in the second week against Valor Esports, formerly Monolithic Gaming, in a 2-0, however the series was closer than the map score may suggest. The team lost the two maps, 11-13 and 8-13, respectively. Celestial Aim lost a tight series against one of the stronger teams in the Qualifier Division, proving that they are a middle of the pack team that is looking to break into that top group of teams. Next week will be a good test to prove whether they deserve to join that group as they play two other teams in that general region of the leaderboard, Paladin Army and Sky High Esports.

  2. Emergence (0-3): It is fair to say that Emergence has gotten off to a rough start in the Qualifier Division so far, only picking up one map. This week, they played against top-ranked Hyperspace Dark, adding to the struggles of their first season. The team fell in two landslides, 4-13 and 3-13, but expectations were low going into the series with an opponent as strong as Hyperspace Dark. The team will need to identify and resolve issues fast if they would like to continue their run into the postseason.

  3. Godalions (1-2): In a battle between two teams at the bottom of the leaderboard after Week 1, Godalions finds their first win of the Qualifier Division against NonChalant VillainZ. The team takes the series in two games, winning 13-2 and 13-10. Though the win comes from a fellow team searching for that first win, this is exactly what Godalions needed to hopefully right the ship and start their run towards qualifying for playoffs. Let's see if they can build off of this pivotal first win.

  4. Hidden Fang (1-2): Hidden Fang went up against Tone Gaming in one of my most anticipated matchups of this week. They won the first game, before getting reverse swept. All three games were fairly one-side, 13-6, 8-13, and 5-13. Though the team starts off their first MEL season 1-2, they have had to face some top teams in the Qualifier Division thus far and will be looking to bounce back next week against NVZ and Emergence.

  5. Hyperspace Dark (3-0): The dominant Hyperspace Dark that we expected came to play last weekend as they faced Emergence. Hyperspace Dark took care of business in an extremely fast 2-0, only conceding seven total rounds. Though I would still favor Hyperspace Dark going into the matchup, eyes will be on their first series of Week 3 as they get tested against Valor Esports in a battle of the two undefeated teams.

  6. Omnipotent Gaming (1-2): After a surprising 0-2 start, Omnipotent Gaming pick up that much needed first win against an undefeated Sky High Esports. They won both games 13-7, proving that the first week was a fluke. As the team deals with some unfortunate roster changes, expect the team to be hungry to work towards getting back to the top where they expected to be from the start.

  7. Omni Performance Gaming (2-1): OPG hands Paladin Army their first loss in a three-game series. All three games were lop-sided, but it was clear that the two teams were evenly matched. If the team wants to continue to prove they belong in conversation at the top, they will have to win both games in the upcoming Super Week against Godalions and Sky High Esports. It is clear that they are close to the top of the league, but haven’t quite earned their stripes yet.

  8. Nonchalant VillainZ (0-3): NonChalant VillainZ unfortunately goes another two maps without a win, losing to Godalions, 2-13 and 10-13. If there was one of the matchups for the team to find that ever elusive first win, it would have been this one. With that being said, it must be asked what is required for the team to start producing better results? NVZ will need to start stringing toge