MEL Qualifier Division Week 3 Report

  1. Celestial Aim (1-4): Celestial Aim goes winless in back-to-back weeks in the Qualifier Division. The team loses 0-2 to Paladin Army and 1-2 to Chosen 1’s. With all of this being said, the losses weren’t as bad as it may seem as they played Paladin Army close in both games and picked up a map against Chosen 1’s. Unfortunately, although these losses had some glimmers of hope, we are now nearing the halfway point of the season and Celestial Aim’s strength of schedule in the upcoming weeks is one of the more difficult ones. Will they be able to pick up a few more wins and clinch a playoff spot?

  2. Chosen 1’s (3-2): Chosen 1’s shares a 3-2 record with five other teams in the MEL Qualifier Division, in what I'll call the "clump". The middle of the pack is massive currently in the QD and even though they all share the same record, the skill level of the teams differs a fair amount throughout. To me, Chosen 1’s would be one of the 3-2 teams towards the lower end. In their second Super Week, C1 went 0-2 against a fellow 3-2 team, Omni Performance Gaming, in two convincing games, but bounced back against Celestial Aim, winning 2-1. However, with Celestial Aim being one of the Qualifier Division’s weaker teams at the moment, giving up a map is not the greatest sign.

  3. Emergence (0-5): Emergence continues to prove that though they share the bottom spot with NonChalant VillainZ, they are the better of the two. Emergence loses both series against Tone Gaming and Hidden Fang, but they get a map in each, forcing two Game 3’s. As is the story with Celestial Aim, as good of signs as there are during these losses, in the end, they are still winless. The team needs to pick up some wins fast if they want to compete for that eighth spot in the playoffs.

  4. Godalions (3-2): Godalions picked up their first 2-0 week of the season in two really important matches against teams in similar standing, Omnipotent Gaming and Omni Performance Gaming. They won both in three-game series and all maps were extremely tight, but the team clutched it out the wins. Godalions got off to a slow start in their MEL debut, but finds themselves at a 3-game win streak with momentum on their side as they look to become a top team in the league.

  5. Hidden Fang (3-2): Hidden Fang also grabs a 2-0, though they played against both winless teams, Emergence and NVZ. They take care of NVZ with ease, but drop a map to Emergence. Like Chosen 1’s, Hidden Fang is one of those 3-2 teams that leaves more concerns than others at that record. Hidden Fang’s upcoming matches are very important as they all include teams that are currently tied with them on the leaderboard.

  6. Hyperspace Dark (5-0): Hyperspace Dark continues their winning ways as they remain undefeated at the top of the Qualifier Division table. The team drops a map to Valor Esports in the battle of the undefeated teams at the time, however it seems as though they were caught off guard by a Valor that had preparation on Fracture and still took them to overtime in their sole loss of the week. As this team has been as dominant as they are, any dropped map is a story to talk about, but by no means is the team faltering and I would expect them to maintain first place throughout the regular season. I expect this to be the case, especially, as most of the teams fighting for second are taking games off of each other, leaving HD to what seems like a smooth first round-bye in playoffs.

  7. Omnipotent Gaming (2-3): The story of Omnipotent throughout their second season in the MEL continues to play out through our second Super Week. The team starts off with a loss against Godalions in the closest series of the week as a whole, but finds a much needed win against NVZ to wrap the weekend up. Their win came through a reverse sweep after a first map loss for NVZ’s first map win, and Omnipotent’s two wins were both 13-10 nail biters. The team is doing enough to secure a playoff spot, bu