MEL Qualifier Division Week 4 Report

  1. Celestial Aim (1-5): In Week 4 of the MEL Qualifier Division, Celestial Aim takes on Godalions in a very close series than a 0-2 may suggest. Celestial Aim went into this matchup as clear underdogs, however they gave Godalions two 11-13 games. This would have been a huge match for the team to pick up in their quest to clinch a playoff spot. If they can keep that same level of play, in our third Super Week, Celestial Aim plays against NVZ and Omnipotent Gaming, two games that are definitely on Celestial Aim’s radar to pick up some more wins.

  2. Chosen 1’s (3-3): Chosen 1’s played top dogs, Hyperspace Dark, this week. Though they lose the series, the team should be happy to take Map 1 before getting reverse swept. Any team taking a map off of Hyperspace Dark should be a confidence booster that if they can take a map off of the clear frontrunner, they can beat any team in the Qualifier Division if they can go a whole series performing as the team did in that game. This loss leaves Chosen 1’s at the 50-50 mark going into the halfway point of the regular season. Not a bad position, but with as hot of a start as the team had, they would like to end the regular season in the top half of the table.

  3. Emergence (0-6): It is clear that both of the winless teams are improving, but both remain unable to obtain that first win. Though Emergence gets 0-2’d by Valor Esports in our last game of Week 4, they put up 8 and 9 rounds, respectively, in those losses. Emergence’s record, in my opinion, doesn’t tell the whole story of the team’s strength. The newly formed team is getting there week by week, but with only six weeks remaining in the regular season, is it too little too late?

  4. Godalions (4-2): Godalions started off slow in their first season in the MEL, but ever since, they have found win after win. After an important win against Omni Performance Gaming in the previous week, Godalions continued their win streak to four after defeating Celestial Aim 2-0. The map scores were both 13-11, which may leave some concern as they begin to break off from the “clump”, however those concerns will be answered shortly as the team faces off against Hyperspace Dark in their next matchup.

  5. Hidden Fang (4-2): Hidden Fang may be the team that is most difficult to get a good read on and I think that is due to their schedule so far. They have played both the top and bottom teams of the Qualifier Division, but not too many of the middle of the pack. Taking another term I often heard from the North American League of Legends scene, Hidden Fang seems to be the perfect example of “the bar” right now; the team loses to the teams ahead of them in the rankings and takes care of business against the teams below them. This next Super Week is a great test towards solidifying my opinion of the team as they play Valor Esports and Omni Performance Gaming, two other teams in the “clump”.

  6. Hyperspace Dark (6-0): To no surprise, Hyperspace Dark wins yet another series, this time against Chosen 1’s, maintaining that impressive undefeated record through four weeks. The team drops only their third map throughout the entire season thus far, but once again, no cause for concern by any means. They’ve made it clear that they are the kings of the Qualifier Division and it is with good reason that they are seen as the “final boss” to test whether the middle of the pack teams are looking more like a top team or bottom team when they go up against Hyperspace. As we are halfway through the regular season, it must be asked, who will give Hyperspace Dark their first loss or will they complete the undefeated season, a feat of dominance that will be hard to match for seasons to come.

  7. Omnipotent Gaming (2-4): It’s very unfortunate that Omnipotent Gaming went from a top 2-3 team in the league in power rankings going into the season to one of the bottom teams of the league. The team we saw all throughout the qualifiers was extremely impressive, narrowly losing in each one they participated in and I believe losing to the eventual winners in most. Now, after some roster shakeups, the Omnipotent Gaming that was poised to return to the Valorant Premie