MEL Qualifier Division Week 5 Report

  1. Celestial Aim (2-6): Celestial Aim goes 1-1 in our third Super Week of the MEL Qualifier Division in matchups against two teams that were near them in the standings, Nonchalant VillainZ and Omnipotent Gaming. The team takes a strong 2-0 against Nonchalant VillainZ with round scores of 13-8 and 13-5 before losing 1-2 to Omnipotent Gaming in a huge matchup as both of these teams are currently out of playoffs, but can still obtain a spot by the end of the regular season. Though Celestial Aim’s record doesn’t look the best right now, they are only two games out of a playoff spot due to how tight the middle of the pack is currently. With an entire second half of the regular season to play, the team can still flip the script on their story.

  2. Chosen 1’s (4-4): Three quarters of the league split their games this Super Week and Chosen 1’s is another one of those teams. They competed in our sole game on Thursday against second place Tone Gaming in an interesting best of three that has a lot to unpack. Game 1 went to overtime before Chosen 1’s lost 12-14. The next two games are where it gets interesting. After a close first game, one would imagine the series would be tight for the remainder, however Chosen 1’s bounces back in Game 2 with a 13-4 win, forcing the Game 3. With what I imagine would be momentum in Chosen 1’s favor, the result of the series decider did not match up with my expectation as Tone Gaming dominated Game 3, winning 13-1 and taking the series. Although it ends as a loss, it’s not a bad result as a team. Chosen 1’s not only started off the week for the QD, but also ended as they took on Emergence on Monday. The team wins 2-0, however round scores were closer than they would have liked against a winless Emergence. The team sits in playoff position right now, but it is pivotal that they perform within these last three games as Omnipotent Gaming and Celestial Aim are hungry to steal the spot from them.

  3. Digital (4-4): Digital has been an interesting team to keep an eye on throughout this season, being known as the team with several players from different teams of our inaugural season. Digital took care of Emergence in their first game of the week before falling to Valor Esports. The Valor Esports series is the one I want to focus on as it was one of the closest series we have seen so far throughout the entire season. The round scores of the three games were, 15-13, 12-14, and 10-13. Not only did the first two games go to overtime, but even the series decider required 23 rounds to claim a victor. This matchup was a stinger for Digital as both teams were neck and neck in the standings and could easily be a preview of a potential playoff matchup in the postseason.

  4. Emergence (0-8): Emergence remains winless through the regular season and was unable to pick up a map this week in both of their series. They did have tight round scores in all of their games this week, but given how the season had gone, full series wins were a must for the team. Interestingly, due to how close the middle of the pack is, both Emergence and NVZ have only just now been eliminated from the playoff race. It is a shame that Emergence couldn’t pull together some wins throughout the season as they have had endless amounts of close series and signs of potential to flip the script on their season.

  5. Godalions (5-3): A rising Godalions had the toughest week on paper as they fought the first and second place teams, Hyperspace Dark and Tone Gaming. Though they lost in the first series, they proved they deserve to be considered a top team with an upset over Tone Gaming. They lose 0-2 to Hyperspace Dark, but both games were relatively close. The first game they fell 7-13, not great, but not bad either against a team as strong as Hyperspace Dark and followed it up by taking 10 rounds in the second game as well. Moving into the second series against Tone Gaming, the team fought hard for their upset as they took it in three games. The first game was a marathon, going to triple overtime before Godalions comes away with the win, 16-14. From there, they fall 7-13 in Game 2, but bounce right back with a win of similar fashion, 13-8, to take the series. Ever since that 0-2 first week, Godalions has shown nothing, but improvement as they continue to climb the rankings and prove they are a contender down the stretch as we head into the postseason.