MEL Valorant Premiership Week 1 Report

Updated: Feb 20

  1. Aspyre Entertainment (1-0): Aspyre Entertainment is one of our highest ranked teams in the Valorant Premiership this season. They opened the season against Taipan Esports, formerly known as ClickNRun. The team took care of business swiftly in two maps, winning on Ascent and Haven, 13-7 and 13-5, respectively. High expectations were set on Aspyre going into the season and they made sure to live up to them in the opening week.

  2. Knights Academy (1-0): Knights Academy is the highest ranked team in the Valorant Premiership and the favorite to win it all. However, they started the season off to a rocky start against Yasei. The series went to a third game. Knights Academy won the series deciding map on Haven in overtime, 14-12. Though it is not the result they were looking for, expect them to bounce back strong in the upcoming weeks.

  3. Kennesaw State University (1-0): KSU is our lone collegiate team in the Valorant Premiership. Having a collegiate team comes with inevitable roster changes and the team has undergone a significant shift this year, but remains solid. They added Req, a top 10 player in the North American solo queue ladder and he did not disappoint in his MEL debut against Omni Performance San Diego on Jett. Kennesaw State took the win over OPSD in a 2-0, winning Map 1, 13-10 and Map 2, 13-6. The team is well-rounded with any of their members being able to take over in any given game.

  4. Omni Performance San Diego (0-1): OPSD is the first of three returning teams from Season 1. Unlike the other two, OPSD needed to win a qualifier in order to earn their spot and they did just that. The team faced off against KSU in their opening week and fell 0-2. Shaky starts were the death of them in both games, however they showed a good amount of fight once they got their feet under them. If the team can start the game off confident from Round 1, expect them to deal some damage in this league once again.

  5. Rated Gaming (1-0) : Rated Gaming was a team that I had little knowledge on going into the start of the season. They played against a returning team from Season 1, WR Gaming in an intense three-game series. WR gaming, known for their endless aggression, caught Rated Gaming off guard in Game 1, winning 13-6. However, RG seemed unbothered by the first result as they adapted and took care of games 2 and 3 in convincing fashion, 13-5 and 13-7.

  6. Taipan Esports (0-1): Taipan Esports got off to a rough start in their MEL Valorant Premiership debut, falling 0-2 in rather fast games, 7-13 and 5-13. With that being said, their opponent was Aspyre Entertainment, a favorite to win it all. I will be curious to see whether Taipan Esports can bounce back in the upcoming weeks, proving the first result was just due to the strength of competition.

  7. Team Mystic (1-0): Team Mystic is our last team to sweep in our opening week. The team played against an up and coming UnderGround Kings on Ascent and Icebox. Team Mystic won Ascent in swift manner, 13-5, but struggled to close out the series in the second game. In the end, the team wins in overtime, 14-12, to complete the sweep. Possibly some nerves in the opening week, but I expect this team to compete for the top of the leaderboard throughout the next few weeks.

  8. UnderGround Kings (0-1): UGK is a relatively new roster that battled throughout the entirety of the qualifiers, earning their spot in the final Wildcard Event. The team still has a lot of room to improve, but managed to put in a respectable performance against a Top 100 ranked Team Mystic. They fall 0-2, however the team took Te