Why should Tier 3 teams play in the MEL Valorant Premiership

Updated: Jan 13

The MEL Valorant Premiership is a league designed to help up-and-coming Tier 3 and Tier 2 organizations perfect their craft before taking the stride to bigger tournaments against top North American teams. We created the MEL to give teams a consistent schedule against high-level competition across a longer period of time. Teams will compete week in, week out, allowing time to prepare for each week's Bo3 matchup. This allows teams to not only work on certain team comps and strategies depending on their matchup, but also forces teams to expand their map pool, increasing the depth of decision-making that goes into what map is chosen. We saw as Season 1 progressed and map pools were widened, teams found most success when they shifted from picking their best map and banning their worst, a relatively defensive approach, to going on the offensive, banning their opponent's best map and picking one of the opponent's weaker ones. These are just some of the benefits and adaptations that come with playing in a structured league rather than playing in more trivial, scattered tournaments.

In the end, the majority of T3 and T2 teams, whether F/A or backed by an organization, share the common goal of making a push to VCT and becoming professionals. The best way to achieve this goal is through a consistent level of competition and practice. With that being said, there is still arises the issue of how to get recognized. This is where stats and VODs being tracked on the league website becomes so important as all of the information that a potential scout would be looking for can be found in one place. The MEL offers tracking of all league game statistics on both the MCT.GG website and Thespike.GG!

Through the course of our first season, I personally saw every single player and team show some form of growth from the first game to their last. The MEL is a good place for teams and players to develop and better understand what it takes to take their game to the next level!

Our Season 2 Qualifiers begin on 1/08/22 and go every Saturday and Sunday to the end of January. To sign up for these tournaments go here!