Valorant Premiership Season 3
Regular Season - Single Round-Robin (Bo3)
Playoffs - Double-Elimination Bracket (Bo3)
Prize Pool
1st: $6,000
2nd: $3,000
3rd: $1,000
A Glimpse into the MEL VP
What is the MEL Valorant Premiership League?
The MEL Valorant Premiership is an invite-only Valorant league. The regular season takes place over an 8-week long, single round-robin format (Bo3). Out of the two divisions of 8 teams, the top 4 teams in each division advance into a double-elimination playoff bracket to fight for a prize pool of $10,000. Season 3 is shifting to invite-only to bring the highest level of competition possible. 
MEL VP League Benefits
Schedule: At MCT, we know that teams have extremely busy schedules so we do our best to schedule all MEL games around major tournaments to ensure teams are not locked to only competing in our league. Teams can also reschedule games throughout the season to a certain extent. If you want a glimpse of what the season 3 schedule will look like click here, and look in the months June-July. 
This schedule is not fully confirmed, but a good estimate. Please remember we will schedule games away from major events, and teams can reschedule during the season!

Competition: The format of the MEL provides top teams with consistent competition at the highest level over an extended period of time. This league will help teams increase their rate of improvement by playing in several best-of-three series against the top teams that North America has to offer, while giving the unique ability for teams to prepare for upcoming matchups well ahead of time, creating more strategic matchups than in a tournament format.

Prize Pool: We are introducing our largest prize pool yet in Season 3 of the Valorant Premiership. In order to do so, we need to bring in at least 10 top ~25 teams in NA. The current lineup consist of Complexity, SoaR , BBG, Oxygen, Soniqs, NYFU, Dark Zero Esports, Knights Academy, Aspyre Entertainment, Zer0 Latency, Cloud 9 Academy, and TSM FTX Academy, Team Mystic, and Nearest Airport.

MCT.GG Statistics: We, at Machina Cognita Technologies, have received API access with Riot Games. With this, Season 3 will have league-specific stats for both players and teams to take advantage of to assess performance and identify areas of improvement more efficiently.

The Spike/VLR: Season 3 will have all regular season and playoff games tracked on thespike.gg, but if we reach our goal of 8-10 Top ~25 teams, we will also have the playoffs tracked on VLR. (Hopefully regular season too, but this cannot be promised until we have the lineup set.)

How to get involvedIf your team is seeking the opportunity to play in the next season of the MEL Valorant Premiership, please contact us here.